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Healthy Mind, Healthy Business!

The success of your business depends on you!

You are your business’s greatest asset. Essentially, if you are not at your best, neither is your business. That is why it’s so crucial that you take good care of yourself, so you can be the successful business person that you always knew you could be.

There are several different areas that you should focus on:

– your personal well-being,
– emotional health,
– health of your mind and,
– successful relationships with the staff.

Once all of these are performing at their optimal levels, you will see how your business can truly take off.

When your personal well-being is involved, you have to make sure that all of your affairs are taken care of appropriately. On a personal level, you want to be sure that you are physically well and healthy. Get sleep, eat nutritious food, drink water, exercise – these basics will make a huge difference in your life and thus extend to the life of your business.

Your family life should be rewarding as well. As a businessperson, you want to make sure that you don’t have any pressing family matters that can distract your attention away from your business. Make sure that you are keeping the lines of communication open with your loved ones to resolve any issues before they take a toll on your business.

Your emotional health is just as important, if not more important than your physical health – when it comes to running your business. Your emotional well-being must be attended to and maintained at all times. If your emotions are out of whack or if you are too emotional, you aren’t able to make the rational and reasonable decisions that are needed to run a successful business.

Basically, you need to keep your “stressors” to a minimum to ensure a productive business. For example, if you have a particularly stressing day, you need to look for ways to combat that stress. Take a long walk, take a hot, relaxing bubble bath, or go to the movies. The key is to find an activity that will help put you in the right frame of mind.

You can’t forget that the health of your mind is intricately linked to your business. There is no doubt about this. If you want positive business health, you want to make sure that your mind is clear and not littered with negative thoughts. You want to ensure that your mind is focused on your business as much as possible. To achieve and maintain a clear and healthy mind, you might want to focus on activities and items such as quiet breaks, meditation and green tea. You want to avoid too much caffeine, which can leave your mind racing.

Finally, a business is only successful as its people. Once you’ve assembled the right cast of people, you need to work on connecting with them and maintaining healthy, lasting relationships with staff.

A business won’t go anywhere if there’s too much friction or discourse. Get to know your workers. Find out what their interests are, their family life, anything that helps you connect with them. Return the favour. Allow your workers to get to know you. Once you all feel connected to one another, you will be surprised at how much easier it is to work together and get along since you all know each other on a personal level.

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Relay For Life – Coomera Anglican College

Well we had the gig on the weekend for the relay for life down at Coomera Anglican college and it was amazing. The day wasn’t that pleasant to us in terms of weather but that most certainly did not dampen the spirits of the band members or those participating in the 24 hour walk! The people were so enthusiastic and inspiring how they committed to the cause. Being rained on while dressed up as Chewbacca walking around a damp oval cannot be the most pleasant experience but there was a big smile on that person’s face….well hairy costume face!

There were hundreds of kids and adults all together for a wonderful cause doing their part for cancer research. I suspect most of us have been touched by the decease in some way or another with a friend or family member. I have, with my mother being diagnosed with a brain tumor and it still remains a decease that we know so little about in terms of prevention. It also seems a decease that appears to come back so often even when tumors are removed. That wasn’t the case specifically for my mum, but certainly the complications of the surgery were.

So it was a magical thing to see so many young people together and promoting the awareness of cancer research. There were tents all over the oval for people to get some shut eye and food vendors serving delicious options for a snack- and of course, plenty of coffee available! We definitely fueled up with the caffeine before hitting the stage. Not so “rock n roll” I know but horses for courses right?

The set up was lengthy as we had to mic up drums and set up keyboards but it all got done in 20 minutes or so and off we went. Smashing out a bit of Crowded House and Aussie Crawl is always a blast, throwing in a bit of harp for “Boys Light Up” and a couple of Tom Petty numbers, great fun! We did asked for “Gangnam Style” which was always gonna be a bit of a problem with guitars and keys so we left that to the DJ! The rain was smacking on the left so the bass player and myself were wishing we voted the other side. The set list was reduced to mashed bits of muddy paper within 15 minutes but no problems. We are old rockers!

Threw an original in there that the lead guitarist wrote which went down really well and was a hoot. Finished up with a bit of Bob Marley, “Three Little Birds” and of course “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers. That was a great opportunity for me to jump on the keys for the first time which was great fun and a different sound for the guys – oh the band name by the way is Barefoot Servants – a line out of “All Along the Watch Tower” I think but I am open to getting corrected on that one.

Anyway, it was a wonderful experience and my thanks to the people giving their hearts at the event and the boys of Barefoot Servants. Great gig!

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Internet Security for Wireless Networks

Computer and smart phone users now routinely connect wirelessly to the Internet, and workplace intranets. Wireless technology makes it possible to view, read, and generally interact with digital media regardless of whether we are at home, in the office, or on the move. It is easy to take this data mobility for granted, but the lack of visual clutter previously created by wires taped to floors and walls also means the removal of a physical barrier to entry into the network.

Wireless access points (WAP), often referred to simply as routers, are devices that allow connection to a wired network. By removing a physical point of entry into the network this box has created the possibility that a person sitting in a car outside your house or workplace, but within range of its wireless signal, can potentially connect directly to your network and its computers.
Some security commentators recommend configuring your network so it doesn’t broadcast its network name (SSID). The idea here is to make the network invisible to Windows-based devices; so that hackers will be unaware the network even exists. But Microsoft’s TechNet forum says this approach is ineffective, and leads to other problems. Instead, they recommend that authentication and encryption are correctly set up as this is the best line of defence.

Another approach, if your WAP allows it, is to reduce the strength of your network transmission and tune it until the network leakage outside of your home or business premises becomes minimal. This reduces your network visibility, and the weaker signal is less useful to would be hijackers.

The American National Security Agency (NSA) recommends WPA2 network encryption because it offers stronger encryption than the previous WPA and WEP standards. This standard needs recent hardware to run, but combined with a strong password, it is considered to be very secure and your best defence against network intrusion.

The NSA also recommends administration of home networking devices should only be from inward facing devices, and to disable remote administration. In commercial situations where networks devices can be managed via a web interface, it is essential that passwords on these devices are strong and complex.

To summarise network security considerations, they generally fall into one of two categories, physical or virtual security. The risk can either be managed by controlling the physical devices entering the building, or the risk can be managed by controlling virtual factors like the number of available logins.

Practically Networked
Technet – Microsoft


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Printer Ink Cost More Then Blood!

Well we thought we had an amazing deal on a new printer a couple of months ago – I seem to remember it only cost us $55 dollars. Great machine with all the go gear;

– colour printer,
– Wifi,
– scanner
– copier etc etc.

It ticked all the boxes and was a great find as I am sure many others felt the same. So we got to using it, loving our new addition to the office that just sat their unassumingly. And then 7 days later, (yes I know we do a fair bit of colour printing), the friendly little machine starting telling us we were low on ink. I thought it must be just one of the cartridges that has been overloaded with the colour printing we had been doing to review drafts of a new marketing brochure. So after purchasing a set of ink cartridges for $60 I replaced the one that it had instructed me too – to be told repeatedly that another was empty…and another…and another…

So, $60 later (more then what I spent on the printer 2 months ago), the friendly machine was ready to go again!

It got me to thinking, well a couple of things. Firstly, have I been duped here and was this some kind of false advertising that got me to buy the printer? Do the printer makers get a cut of the ink sales? I know, that is a bit cynical but wow, really replacing the ink is more then the printer itself and I have been made to do so within 2 months – wow!

Secondly, just how expensive can ink be? Why would such a man made, available commodity be so expensive? Surely something that is in high demand but with very little supply would be more expensive right? Like Blood for example! Well no, it turns out that if consider some of the more used and important liquids in the world, ink is more expensive then blood! Check this statistical data out from Gizmodo.

Basically, 42mls of black ink for a HP printer costs approx. $0.71 per ml. Whereas, it is reported that the cost of 500mls of blood is about $200 so $0.40 per ml! As the Gizmodo writers say, that’s assuming those donating are not the usual Australian punter who would generally maintain a blood alcohol level of less the 1:1. As a further thought, Penicillin works out to be about $0.09 per ml.

Well that’s the rant for the day.

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The Music Bug Is Back – Singing For The Cancer Council

Well it has been a long time since I hung the axe up but it is back! In fact a new guitar (axe) has been added to the mix. I am a proud owner of a new Tanglewood acoustic and very pleased with the sound of it. It is adding the finger picking styles to the regime and making me work hard to pick up some great tunes from John Mayer and Jason Mraz. I have to confess they are a little out of my league but hey, if you don’t try you don’t nothing will change right?

Anyway, it is exciting as I have jumped into a band as well (the solo thing is a focus for me). We are in the throws of rehearsing and piecing together a set list for an upcoming gig in October at the Relay For Life Charity function supported by the Cancer Council Queensland. It is very exciting and we are all looking forward to the experience. Any readers who may be around the Gold Coast on October the 27th, come along and have a sing with us and support this great charity event.

Most of us have been touched by cancer through our family or friends so it is pretty much close to all of our hearts. It would be wonderful to see some friendly faces and get some feedback on how us old rockers are progressing.

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One Door Closes…Another One Opens

Well it is very much a common phrase that we all have used or been told to help us look on the bright side of bad things happening.

It allows us to keep a positive view on life because there is always going to be something that will change even when things are going perfectly right? But what if sometimes the door just needs to close and that’s all there is? What if there isn’t something exciting and new to open up to replace that door that has closed? Is that something that we just simply have to come to terms with? Letting go and creating something to fill the void of the closed door!

I think this can happen and I think, in my experience, we need to expect these situations. It becomes a call to action for us as human’s doing rather then human’s being. Sometimes I found that the mother statements of the spiritual movements can make us wait for things to happen rather then take action to have them happen. See the world that we describe rather then describe the world that we see! Now this is a powerful statement and one that I believe in, however, it’s our actions that will bring that powerful statement to fruition.

We have to think it, say it and then do it. Getting up from the punch that knocked us down and making a plan and then putting it in to action. Make some steps to follow and follow them one by one. The doors will always close, that is just the way of life. Whether it be a financial change in your business that makes you fall back or a relationship that doesn’t work because two people don’t align with each other anymore. What needs to happen from there is for us to walk on from the closed door.

I think another door will open, but we have to seek it and open it.

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The Law Of Attachment

So what is it in the psyche that has us holding on to perceptions or beliefs that don’t serve us? Perceptions or beliefs that in fact are not based on reality but rather constantly recreated in our thought processes daily to give us comfort.

Now, when I say “us”, I am trying to avoid you knowing that this topic refers to me too!

I have a great ability to allow thoughts or the brain whispers to control and induce what I feel. The problem with that is that the feelings can be based on a negative reality and can be based on old wounding or habits learned very young in life. And I guess a continuing theme is that these situations generally relate to looking outside of me for something to fill me or distract me. The problem I have found with that is that if someone can make you happy, they can also make you unhappy right?! And how much pressure is put on someone if it is up to them to ensure you are happy? Far too much pressure and indeed they will not stay around long and most probably lose respect.

And at some point we commit to the attachment. I think the attachment can be as much to a person as it can to a feeling, thought or fantasy. Playing out a role as we lay in bed staring at the ceiling late at night when we can’t get to sleep. The mind is in control again and running riot. To quieten anxiety a fantasy is played out, because if that was happening in my life then I would be fulfilled and happy right? If I had that love in my life, a partner to share life with. If I had that healthy, fit body then I would feel better about myself. If I stopped smoking I would feel less anxious about what these cancer sticks have done and are doing to my health.

It is great to strive for positive change and all of those things above are fantastic goals for life. Allowing the fantasy of connecting to a non-reality for comfort will only serve to keep us stuck in a place where change doesn’t happen. Taking control of the mind, coming into present time and taking action to bring these hopes and fantasies into reality is the better option. And I have found that an imperative part of this growth is acknowledging and sometimes dealing with any pain underneath the attachment. Taking responsibility for the choices we have made and deciding to make a different one as adults.

Ah but the letting go, wow is that difficult? Perhaps there is a defiance in me that keeps me hanging on to a way of surviving that has served me so well for so long. Perhaps, (as a very learned psychologist said to me once), I keep the attachment to the non-reality because I withhold the other option from myself. That is, if there is not the healthy option then surely all we have to connect with is the unhealthy option. If you stay in the mud long enough eventually we choose to step out of it. The fact that we know we need to grow from something is a positive thing. Then we need to connect with and decide that we want to grow!

Consciousness is the first step to that in my opinion and from my personal life experience.

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Take The Time to Upset People!

I know what you are thinking, well I think I do.

What an arrogant, angry statement right?

No really, I don’t mean to offend…but know that I run the risk of doing so. This discussion is for the purpose of bettering the person I am and want to be and with the hope that my relationships are more real and authentic. You see, sometimes I have blind spots and need to learn from others allowing me to be in difficult situations that make me express. And I would like the same back at me.

Over the past 12 months or so, my personal journey has taken me to places where I continually find myself holding my tongue and avoiding speaking the truth of where I am at because I am avoiding the confrontation of upsetting people with my views or where I may be at personally in my emotional life journey. I find myself wanting to make sure that everyone around me is ok with me and all have a good view of me. Because if I don’t, I may lose those I need around me. But is this really possible, keeping every one happy? Well, no it isn’t. The cost or payment we make for that – our own peace and happiness through being inauthentic. It will come out in other ways in our relationships, to that I have no doubt.

Now, I do not mean this in a way that condones hurting others for self benefit. Nor in a way that does not consider my actions or voicing of feelings and oppinions. But rather, the implications to me and those I care about around me if I am not true to myself and speak my truth to others. And the key I think, and one I must confess I am still learning, is to be humble enough to say, I am sorry and thank you for seeing me/hearing me through this – if that is the truth.

I have to admit that often, in voicing what I feel about others in a given life moment, that I too have to take responsibility for the parts of me that are not in line with life. Sometimes I will express a feeling that is old and young, something from my previous years that still needed voice and a compassionate/non-judgemental ear. An acceptance of my faults with the outcome of growing as a man and letting go of the past.

And sometimes do I just need to bite my tongue, suck it up and deal with it? Yes absolutely and there are times that I must do that or need a kick up the proverbial!

A controversial topic, yes I think so. But confrontation can be benefitial for all us.

What is the scholars view on the meaning of the word, confront?

• CONFRONT (verb)
The verb CONFRONT has 4 senses:

1. oppose, as in hostility or a competition
2. deal with (something unpleasant) head on
3. present somebody with something, usually to accuse or criticize
4. be face to face with

My intention is to tackle the second and fourth meanings as it exists in my personal life relationships.

I guess I want that to come back at me too. For those around me to be honest with me and speak it if they care about me or if they are upset at me in any given moment for that matter. I am not perfect and I will upset people because I am human. I would much rather know when I do that and do believe it brings friends closer together to be honest with the shadow bits of a connection as well.

Time, and the laws of the universe, will always test us out with our authenticity and our ability to each ensure we engage in self-responsibility.

And who is going to respect me or feel safe around me if I am a “people pleaser” or say the “right things” to keep the peace right?

These are my thoughts in this moment and of course, I am open to feedback and comments. Life as a human is sometimes difficult and painful.

I am greatful for those who read this and allow my views.

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BE CAREFUL – Bank Fees Scam Happening Now!

Be very careful, there are people being scammed right now by criminals who are ringing bank consumers at home and advising they are a staff member of the Fair Trading Department of Australia.

They go on to advise the consumer that if the pay a fee (sometimes up to a $1000), that the bogus caller will do the work to have incorrectly charged bank fees returned to them. It has been happening for some time and has caught the eye of all major media companies in Australia. The Fair Trading Department reported on Dateline recently that the reported cost to Australians is in excess of 30 million dollars.

Be extremely cautious with this type of call to your personal phone number and certainly do not hand over any money without absolute knowledge that this is a real call from your bank. Indeed speak to your bank first before doing anything.

A reference point for this scam is SCAM WATCH


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Making the world my office!

Well it is a stretch I know but in the past 6 weeks I have been able to see Japan and Thailand and continue the empire building at the same time.

Now it’s not all me, I have a strong support structure at home with a great employee who is very dedicated and committed and wonderful friends and family looking after things that need some attention while I am away exploring. Things like the car getting flat spots on the tyres because it is sitting in one place for too long!

But, the great advantage of a business that is;
1. 80% automated with regards to processes and,
2. Internet based,

is that, primarily as long as I can obtain solid and secure internet connections wherever I am, then I can maintain and build the company. Some things need attention on the ground in Australia but not too often and in the end, I am a 12 hour flight away.

It is the changing world of flexibility and personal freedom that can be achieved when the work one has allows it. I can definitely recommend it to anyone to look for a business that allows that freedom and leverage. Look for the business that does not require an extra hours work for an extra hours income/pay. And I guess one of the big things for me (other then the good luck had along the way of course), was having the patience to grow the business slowly and not accept things that would shut down the freedom. It definitely takes longer and you will need to suffer a little longer in relation to cash flow, but in the end, it is worth it!

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