My Music

My passion and expression of self has always been through the gift of music. To be honest, I have often resisted the gift and know that I don’t play the guitar and sing anywhere near as much as I should.

The business world has attracted my attention for 6 or 7 years now, prior to which my focus was on songwriting and performing. It was a joy and exciting time but the financial needs of life drew me away from an ultra-competitive music world into the telecommunications world, where financial freedom became achievable. I am greatful for that choice even though it was very difficult at the time.

I am now well on the way to achieving my financial freedom but somewhere in the background is that pull to pick up the guitar, write songs of the heart and sing to no one or anyone that cares to listen!

And that is a perfect segway, (as they say), to inviting you to listen to some of my work. Feel free to read and listen to some of my soul expression and I hope more current songs of the heart will come through me soon.



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