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Difference between 1300 and 1800

One of the most common questions to a 1300/1800 provider is why would I choose one or the other, 1300 V 1800?

Well the best way to view this difference is by considering two things, the owner AND the caller of the 1300/1800.

The Owner – would consider a 1300 where they have a majority local callers because a 1300 number has free time (usually 15 to 20 mins) per call where it is a “local call”. That is defined as being where the caller AND the owner are both on fixed phone lines when the call takes place and “generally” the caller is within 50 to 60 km’s from where the owner takes the call. This is a rough estimate, but more relevant, if it is normally a “local call” toll that the caller would pay to call the owner of the 1300 number, then this is a local call.

The Caller – pays a different fee when they call a 1300 number versus a 1800 number. When calling a 1300 number the normal fee is a once off toll of 25c (comparative to a flag fall) whereas a 1800 number is considered a “toll free” call to the caller, thus it is free. Now, keep mind mobile phone companies in Australia do not get on board with this mentality and we will generally be paying a per minute rate when calling a 1800 number from a mobile! I know, it’s rediculous and I can advise you that the governing bodies are receiving an incredible amount of flack regards this. Keep an eye on this blog for more information because there is change afoot.

Apart from that, you will generally pay the same monthly fee and call charge rates for both the 1300 and 1800 but these are the 2 major differences, as explained by this informative link via Ozetel Telecommunications

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