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How Do I Choose My 1300 Number?

Hello everyone and a Happy New Year to you all!

One of the most common questions posed to us in my company is how to choose a 1300 number when setting up a new number for a business.

Well, once you have chosen to use a 1300 or 1800 number, there are basically 3 options to deciding which number to use.

Pick a number from the Public Available List.
This is a large list of numbers (usually in excess of 3000 numbers for 1300 and 1800), issued to every telecommunications company in Australia on a regular basis. It is a list given to us by the controlling body in the Australian government that manages “inbound numbers” or 1300 and 1800 numbers. That company is called Industry Number Management Services Pty Ltd (INMS).

The benefit with this list is that numbers are free with respect to a capital cost. A business will simply choose 4 numbers in order of preference and submit them in their application.

The current available list can be found at The Ozetel 1300 numbers page.

Buy a number from the government auction.
If a business wants a number that spells a word or doesn’t find the number they want within the free available list, then they will need to purchase the number from the government auction system called smartnumbers. This will come at a cost in that the public reserve price for auction numbers is $250 and can extend to any price based on the premium nature of the number they are looking at. Of course once they have purchased the number, they own it and it is theirs for ever.

Lease the number from a Phoneword company.
Finally, if the number has already been purchased by someone else, the business owner will be forced to lease that number off the owner. It is a quite a large business in Australia now with Phoneword companies purchasing 100’s of numbers and leasing them back to Australian businesses at a monthly fee, again ranging from $100 a month to 1000’s a month, depending on the number.

That is a brief run down of how a business owner would go about choosing their new 1300 or 1800 number. Getting the number you want is much more difficult then 5 years but following the steps will get you the desired result.

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