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My Website Calls Me

Spent alot of money on building your new site?
Spent even more on ranking your site to get traffic to it? SEO can be expensive right?
Want to get return on these investments and make it easy for your clients to speak with you?

It can be achieved. Consider the Click to Call service.

What is it?

It is a “simple to install” technology that will allow your visitors to enter a phone number in a field and have you call them, for FREE. You pay for the call (similar to a 1300 or 1800 number), and this encourages contact with them rather then have them stay on your site and not find what they need, or indeed leave because they avoid picking up the phone to make the call.

You will have an immediate addition to converting enquiries to sales and show your clients how valuable they are to you. Not to mention, show that you are keeping up with technology.

You will have many additional functions within the service such as IP and phone number security, time of day routing, control over when the service is active and of course effective and meaningful reporting capabilities.

So why not ensure that your advertising/marketing dollars are well spent?

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