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Relay For Life – Coomera Anglican College

Well we had the gig on the weekend for the relay for life down at Coomera Anglican college and it was amazing. The day wasn’t that pleasant to us in terms of weather but that most certainly did not dampen the spirits of the band members or those participating in the 24 hour walk! The people were so enthusiastic and inspiring how they committed to the cause. Being rained on while dressed up as Chewbacca walking around a damp oval cannot be the most pleasant experience but there was a big smile on that person’s face….well hairy costume face!

There were hundreds of kids and adults all together for a wonderful cause doing their part for cancer research. I suspect most of us have been touched by the decease in some way or another with a friend or family member. I have, with my mother being diagnosed with a brain tumor and it still remains a decease that we know so little about in terms of prevention. It also seems a decease that appears to come back so often even when tumors are removed. That wasn’t the case specifically for my mum, but certainly the complications of the surgery were.

So it was a magical thing to see so many young people together and promoting the awareness of cancer research. There were tents all over the oval for people to get some shut eye and food vendors serving delicious options for a snack- and of course, plenty of coffee available! We definitely fueled up with the caffeine before hitting the stage. Not so “rock n roll” I know but horses for courses right?

The set up was lengthy as we had to mic up drums and set up keyboards but it all got done in 20 minutes or so and off we went. Smashing out a bit of Crowded House and Aussie Crawl is always a blast, throwing in a bit of harp for “Boys Light Up” and a couple of Tom Petty numbers, great fun! We did asked for “Gangnam Style” which was always gonna be a bit of a problem with guitars and keys so we left that to the DJ! The rain was smacking on the left so the bass player and myself were wishing we voted the other side. The set list was reduced to mashed bits of muddy paper within 15 minutes but no problems. We are old rockers!

Threw an original in there that the lead guitarist wrote which went down really well and was a hoot. Finished up with a bit of Bob Marley, “Three Little Birds” and of course “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers. That was a great opportunity for me to jump on the keys for the first time which was great fun and a different sound for the guys – oh the band name by the way is Barefoot Servants – a line out of “All Along the Watch Tower” I think but I am open to getting corrected on that one.

Anyway, it was a wonderful experience and my thanks to the people giving their hearts at the event and the boys of Barefoot Servants. Great gig!

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The Music Bug Is Back – Singing For The Cancer Council

Well it has been a long time since I hung the axe up but it is back! In fact a new guitar (axe) has been added to the mix. I am a proud owner of a new Tanglewood acoustic and very pleased with the sound of it. It is adding the finger picking styles to the regime and making me work hard to pick up some great tunes from John Mayer and Jason Mraz. I have to confess they are a little out of my league but hey, if you don’t try you don’t nothing will change right?

Anyway, it is exciting as I have jumped into a band as well (the solo thing is a focus for me). We are in the throws of rehearsing and piecing together a set list for an upcoming gig in October at the Relay For Life Charity function supported by the Cancer Council Queensland. It is very exciting and we are all looking forward to the experience. Any readers who may be around the Gold Coast on October the 27th, come along and have a sing with us and support this great charity event.

Most of us have been touched by cancer through our family or friends so it is pretty much close to all of our hearts. It would be wonderful to see some friendly faces and get some feedback on how us old rockers are progressing.

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