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Bite the bullet, Tell your boss to…..

Well it’s all been said before, that’s true. Leverage is such an important thing to lifestyle and often financial freedom.

I wanted to share my story in relation to this matter because I very much aspire to maintain and increase leverage in my financial situation.

Now I was an extreme example of the “hours work for an hours pay” type of person. My background is in accounting and tax and so I was employed within chartered accounting firms for 15 years. They are a very strict working environment to say the least. We had to, (and I believe it is still the same now), mark down our day of work in 6 minute blocks, ALL DAY! I know, it is extreme. We were monitored beyond belief and it was not something you could get out of. Every employee had the same 6 minute block worksheet that had to be filled out.

That is bad enough right? But what is really the issue, and this is the same for all employee situations, is that for me to obtain more money via my wage I had to do more hours. It isn’t new I know but it is a trap we can get locked into.

Safety V Freedom.

SO, I reached the end of my tether and realised that I would continue to make somebody else rich if I stayed on the treadmill. There was never a way for me to break the fact that I always had a ceiling on the amount I could earn because that decision was made by employer. Don’t get me wrong, I know that some situations call for this secure, lack of risk financially. I wanted more.

I was introduced to the telecommunications industry and the whole thing hit home. LEVERAGE! Suddenly there was an option for me to be able to leverage my time. A way to have money being earned while I was “sleeping”. The telco industry is a wonderful example of having the freedom to move with my business aswell becuase it is so automated and internet based. As long as I have good internet I can maintain vigilance on my business.

But the biggest benefit is the freedom and ability to expand my financial wealth, through my choices not somebody elses. If I want to increase the wage afforded to me via the company then I need to only create expansion in the company. It is my responsibility and my choice for me.

I am sure there are many versions of this solution to leverage and I very much encourage you to seek it out and grab it. I know there is risk involved and you need certain skills. The first 2 years of operation for me was difficult financially and personally but the rewards now and fantastic.

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