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1300 Number routing for mobiles

Routing a 1300 or 1800 number can be done in a multitude of ways including time of day, overflows, barring mobiles or particular incoming callers, delivery by state, by regions, by telstra exchanges and much more.

The concern that has always existed, is the limitations of routing callers calling your 1300 number on their mobile phone.


Because, there are only limited numbers of mobile towers throughout Australia so the best you can do is large areas covered by a mobile tower. Thus, if a franchise has multiple branches in the same area covered by just one mobile tower, you have a problem. Fixed line callers calling your 1300 or 1800 number are different, because a telco can route every Telstra Exchange to its own answer point, and there are 1000’s of Telstra Exchanges. Fixed lines are much more controllable. Thus, if a business wants to mirror fixed line and mobile line callers to their inbound number, It cannot be done by direct routing.


Telco’s have solved this issue by creating the Postcode Prompter technology.

This allows a franchise or business with multiple stores to land their 1300 number to a postcode prompter platform, and instruct the caller to enter a postcode to be delivered to their nearest store. The benefits are numerous including;

– efficient delivery of callers on both fixed line and mobile lines,
– a system that is able to be branded with audio and announcements,
– in depth reporting,
– individual billing to franchisees and more.

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