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SEO – Don’t Watch The Kettle Boil!

SEO – Don’t Watch The Paint Dry!

I come from a fishing family and grew up on the water and beaches of the south west of Western Australia. We would fit in school work during the long nights we were pulling nets. My dad was a fisherman, his dad before him and well you get the picture. My brothers…fisherman also, both very proficient on the water and blessed with one skill I didn’t have nor have brought into the world of business (specifically SEO)…patience! I also got sea sick but that’s another story and not that relevant to business so I won’t go into that here.

Patience however, is very much one of the skills we need as business people if we are going to be successful at Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

SEO is not a process that will happen quickly. I guess we can definitely take a leaf out of the spiritual leaders of the world and say there is no “quick fix”. SEO has always been a trial and error world because of the lack of transparency from Google. Why should they give away their business model? Would we? I think not.

Over the years many have experimented with web design, keyword placement, back linking and so much more. Trying different tactics and waiting to see what happens once the google machine looks at them again. It is a continued attempt to decipher the Google algorythms. Over time this has created a series of practices that will work but it has taken a long time. The only way of discovering this was playing a very timely patience game.

Of course throw into the mix that Google does not and will not sit on their hands when it comes to keeping us guessing, moving the goals posts. Businesses will eventually be discovered by Google. Just when we think we have it, it will be taken away and we will need to go back to the drawing boards. The latest algorythm update was a perfect example of that. Millions of websites around the world have been punished for unnatural back linking practices in the March 2012 wrap over the knuckles by Google. Check out some information on the Panda Update.

The tendency is to keep watching webmasters to check for links or to continually check where we are ranked for particular keywords in our industry that we are looking to be competitive in.

But it will not help. It makes me question the whole process and whether I should be doing something else. I want to see the results of my labour and see that I am achieving something. But the more I watch the more it doesn’t happen, a bit like the kettle right?

So, what it comes down to is having a plan in place. Write the articles, join the forums, post the comments, do the youtube videos, interact in the social media forums etc etc. Make a consistent plan and follow it. Do the processes diligently and consistently. Part of that plan, do not check webmasters or rankings more then weekly, there is no point and it will just make you take your eye off the ball. Indexing of site URL’s can take weeks depending on the links you have and the age of the site etc etc. Keyword movement can take weeks also. Trust the process and set a 2 month goal.

It is possible that some of things you do may not work. Google will continue to review SEO practices that are against their company vision and things will change constantly. Accept it. If the worst is that you find out you are actually on the wrong track well at least you have been positive in your attack and more importantly, you have discovered one more way not to do things meaning you are one step closer to what does!

Just as Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Patience grasshopper!

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New Website – Again, Really!

Well I have just got used to the new site and it has only been in play for a year or so. And in my wisdom, I have decided it is time for a new, fresh design revamp.

The web seems to need freshness and well, for SEO purposes, we need to continue redefining the content for the google algorythms. It is just one small component of the SEO world but an important one in my opinion. The redesigning of the layout and customer perception also allows me to individualise from my competitors and to give visitors a new experience of Ozetel.

I have always been motivated when I have new things in business whether it be software gaining a new feature or a new office environment. It just keeps things expanding and fresh. It also ensures I am up to date with the latest design trends and technologies. The customer interaction with the business online is such an integral part to the success of the company in the long run. So allows for new ways of getting the customer to obtain information and improved ways of signing up for a service, especially if that service is complicated like a 1300 Number packaged with a Fax to Email. Packages create more complexity but we want to keep the interaction as simple as possible for the customer. Keep their time and you will lose their attention.

So how do we go about the redesign process?

I am not a designer or up to date with fresh design elements and processes. I like to farm out the design work to a designer and work with them to achieve the functionality that I need for the site. I have great results for the last 2 design revamps from Spinn Media and recommend them for anyone looking to create a new web concept or overhaul an existing one.

The second important task is the cutting of the design and bringing it to life on the web. We are very lucky in that a contact for my business is a very skilled programmer and is able to make the design come to life in web form and ensure functionality is achieved.

And finally, for those who are familiar with the current site, get ready! The launch of the new looking Ozetel is just days away. We look forward to bringing it to you.

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