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Using video to market your business.

Those of you that are in the business of internet marketing will undoubtedly have heard the saying “content is king”. This is especially true with using video to market your business. The use of video for SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – is fast becoming one of the most powerful marketing methods there is. Search engines love video content and will tend to rank it quite high in the stats for a particular keyword or niche – provided the content is relevant of course.

That is the key point here. As with any form of marketing, the use of keywords in video is important, not just in the title but in the content as well. SEO is all about keywords or key phrases. More than that, it is about them being used in the right places and in the right way. The other important part of getting your video recognised and watched is to upload it in all the right places. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using video for SEO purposes and why it works so well.

Given the choice between reading something and watching it on a video, most people will opt for the video. Human nature dictates that we will be more apt to take in information if we can see and hear it. For example, let’s say you produce an article about putting together a flat-pack desk and also produce a video showing how to put it together. Most people will watch the video as it is easier to follow and learn from visual content than it is from written.

Properly and professionally formatted and executed, videos reach a much wider audience. The big question is whether you should host the video on your own website or on an external site and embed the code to you your own site. The real answer depends very much on your requirements but both ways can be a huge boost to business.

Many people choose to use free video hosting sites such as YouTube and embed the code to their own website or social media site. YouTube is highly ranked on Google and therefore, any video that is uploaded should also be ranked fairly highly but this will also depend on your specific keywords that you are using. There are paid for video hosts such as Vimeo and Vzaar. It all depends on whether you actually want to spend anything on video hosting as to whether you choose one of those against a free one or using your own website. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are also good places to embed links to your videos.

If your website is highly ranked in the search engines then by all means host the video yourself but if you are just starting out then it is probably best to use embedded code and external hosting sites to try to build up your ranking first.

It is highly important for the discerning business owner to try to improve their SEO rankings and using video is one of the best methods with which to achieve this. Excellent, clear and concise visual content will generate far more traffic than just writing an article or a blog and we all know that, to generate sales for our business we need that all important – traffic!

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SEO – Don’t Watch The Kettle Boil!

SEO – Don’t Watch The Paint Dry!

I come from a fishing family and grew up on the water and beaches of the south west of Western Australia. We would fit in school work during the long nights we were pulling nets. My dad was a fisherman, his dad before him and well you get the picture. My brothers…fisherman also, both very proficient on the water and blessed with one skill I didn’t have nor have brought into the world of business (specifically SEO)…patience! I also got sea sick but that’s another story and not that relevant to business so I won’t go into that here.

Patience however, is very much one of the skills we need as business people if we are going to be successful at Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

SEO is not a process that will happen quickly. I guess we can definitely take a leaf out of the spiritual leaders of the world and say there is no “quick fix”. SEO has always been a trial and error world because of the lack of transparency from Google. Why should they give away their business model? Would we? I think not.

Over the years many have experimented with web design, keyword placement, back linking and so much more. Trying different tactics and waiting to see what happens once the google machine looks at them again. It is a continued attempt to decipher the Google algorythms. Over time this has created a series of practices that will work but it has taken a long time. The only way of discovering this was playing a very timely patience game.

Of course throw into the mix that Google does not and will not sit on their hands when it comes to keeping us guessing, moving the goals posts. Businesses will eventually be discovered by Google. Just when we think we have it, it will be taken away and we will need to go back to the drawing boards. The latest algorythm update was a perfect example of that. Millions of websites around the world have been punished for unnatural back linking practices in the March 2012 wrap over the knuckles by Google. Check out some information on the Panda Update.

The tendency is to keep watching webmasters to check for links or to continually check where we are ranked for particular keywords in our industry that we are looking to be competitive in.

But it will not help. It makes me question the whole process and whether I should be doing something else. I want to see the results of my labour and see that I am achieving something. But the more I watch the more it doesn’t happen, a bit like the kettle right?

So, what it comes down to is having a plan in place. Write the articles, join the forums, post the comments, do the youtube videos, interact in the social media forums etc etc. Make a consistent plan and follow it. Do the processes diligently and consistently. Part of that plan, do not check webmasters or rankings more then weekly, there is no point and it will just make you take your eye off the ball. Indexing of site URL’s can take weeks depending on the links you have and the age of the site etc etc. Keyword movement can take weeks also. Trust the process and set a 2 month goal.

It is possible that some of things you do may not work. Google will continue to review SEO practices that are against their company vision and things will change constantly. Accept it. If the worst is that you find out you are actually on the wrong track well at least you have been positive in your attack and more importantly, you have discovered one more way not to do things meaning you are one step closer to what does!

Just as Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Patience grasshopper!

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New Website – Again, Really!

Well I have just got used to the new site and it has only been in play for a year or so. And in my wisdom, I have decided it is time for a new, fresh design revamp.

The web seems to need freshness and well, for SEO purposes, we need to continue redefining the content for the google algorythms. It is just one small component of the SEO world but an important one in my opinion. The redesigning of the layout and customer perception also allows me to individualise from my competitors and to give visitors a new experience of Ozetel.

I have always been motivated when I have new things in business whether it be software gaining a new feature or a new office environment. It just keeps things expanding and fresh. It also ensures I am up to date with the latest design trends and technologies. The customer interaction with the business online is such an integral part to the success of the company in the long run. So allows for new ways of getting the customer to obtain information and improved ways of signing up for a service, especially if that service is complicated like a 1300 Number packaged with a Fax to Email. Packages create more complexity but we want to keep the interaction as simple as possible for the customer. Keep their time and you will lose their attention.

So how do we go about the redesign process?

I am not a designer or up to date with fresh design elements and processes. I like to farm out the design work to a designer and work with them to achieve the functionality that I need for the site. I have great results for the last 2 design revamps from Spinn Media and recommend them for anyone looking to create a new web concept or overhaul an existing one.

The second important task is the cutting of the design and bringing it to life on the web. We are very lucky in that a contact for my business is a very skilled programmer and is able to make the design come to life in web form and ensure functionality is achieved.

And finally, for those who are familiar with the current site, get ready! The launch of the new looking Ozetel is just days away. We look forward to bringing it to you.

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The Frustrations of SEO

Ah the google dance can be a very frustrating thing.

Seeing a page rank well one minute and then goooone the next. Or working on keywords to not have any success of ranking.

There appears to be so much in this field and we definitely have to possess the ability to experiment and be patient. Most of us business owners want to have the sales coming in the door right?
And it always feels better to have a steady flow of sales as you feel like things are evolving and you are getting somewhere. When things stay stagnant for a time it is very disappointing.

But then, the industry that I am in certainly, calls loudly for SEO, there really is no way around it. Most of us do not have a shop front and thus our shop front IS the internet and our passing trade on the main street are those utilising the search engines. There is no other way but to stay the distance and learn the trade. Do the time. While I want to be 3 steps of where I am it seems I keep getting pulled back to where I am actually standing!

So do we pay for someone to do this specialist area or do we learn it ourselves? I guess either way, patience is still the key. Rushing will probably mean we are using black hat tactics and really creating an artificial serp movement. The other issue of course is there appear to be plenty of “we are the experts” SEO businesses out there.

Knowledge is Power!

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Christmas! Have you neglected your Business?

Yes it’s true, Xmas is a time of winding down and we should all use that time to replenish the business brain. But don’t lose the opportunity to prepare your business for the next year ahead.

Often the Australian small business community will slow down for the holidays and so it is an easy temptation for us to take that as a reason to hold when now is the time to promote. Promote for the new year coming up and give your business a boost that you will reap the benefits of next year. There are so many things we can do in that week leading up to the xmas break to boost the year to come. I like to consider;

– SEO, don’t lose motivation when it comes to considering your SEO ranking because you will have to catch up on the lost time in the coming year of business. So, look into more backlinks now, or write those extra articles you may use to increase the depth within your site. A great “simple” guide to SEO and it’s components is available for just $9.95 from a close friend of mine. Even if you use this time of year to read and educate yourself, this would still create value for you. I recommend you grab yourself a copy now at Learn About SEO Now.

– Education, it is the key to power in business. Yes, I know (and I do), it is important to hand over control and get professionals around you doing tasks that they have as their forte. However, I have always found credibility comes with doing what you ask someone else to do. Also, when we are educated we can be ready for new ideas and take opportunities as they present themselves. Education has kept me up to date with change especially in the telecommunications industry that I am in.

– Relationships will provide you with longevity in business. Remember it is always less expensive to sell to existing clients rather then pay for a new one. So take the time now to treat your business clients like, well, part of your extended family and friends. We send cards and well wishes to our loved ones so why not to those who create the “hand that feeds us”. Take the time to send xmas cards to your clients or even a gift to those who are valuable to you. A bottle of Moet, a couple of Gold Class cinema tickets, some chocolate! And when you send the gift, I suggest, don’t send automated email cards and wishes, take the time to purchase and write a personalised card or letter. It will mean all the difference when your clients see that you have taken the extra time.

– Plan for next year! Don’t let yourself off the hook until you have created a plan of success for 2012. Just like it is a tradition to make a New Year’s Resolution, make it a resolution to plan what is going to expand your business next year. Consider sales, staff motivation, your leisure time, new budgets for purchases, marketing etc. Sometimes being reactive is not the key, planning for what IS going to happen will create wealth. John Travolta once said that the key to his success was that his mother would instill in her children to “live now, as if you were already a millionaire!”

If you need to have professional staff taking any calls you may miss during the xmas holidays, consider a Live Answering Service.

Then, have a wonderful christmas celebration – enjoy!

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