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The Frustrations of SEO

Ah the google dance can be a very frustrating thing.

Seeing a page rank well one minute and then goooone the next. Or working on keywords to not have any success of ranking.

There appears to be so much in this field and we definitely have to possess the ability to experiment and be patient. Most of us business owners want to have the sales coming in the door right?
And it always feels better to have a steady flow of sales as you feel like things are evolving and you are getting somewhere. When things stay stagnant for a time it is very disappointing.

But then, the industry that I am in certainly, calls loudly for SEO, there really is no way around it. Most of us do not have a shop front and thus our shop front IS the internet and our passing trade on the main street are those utilising the search engines. There is no other way but to stay the distance and learn the trade. Do the time. While I want to be 3 steps of where I am it seems I keep getting pulled back to where I am actually standing!

So do we pay for someone to do this specialist area or do we learn it ourselves? I guess either way, patience is still the key. Rushing will probably mean we are using black hat tactics and really creating an artificial serp movement. The other issue of course is there appear to be plenty of “we are the experts” SEO businesses out there.

Knowledge is Power!

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