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Why pay for staff, someone can answer phones for you?

In this day and age, we are seeing higher costs of employing staff. The growth pains of a company can be frustrating. You need staff to generate more time for yourself to promote the business, but then you need more money to be able to promote your business!

The risk is difficult to counteract because the cost of even a part-time staff member, can be expensive. Generally you wouldn’t be able to hire staff without having an office to have them work at also, although the world of home offices is expanding more and more every day.

So why not consider a Live Receptionist to answer calls for your business rather then hiring staff? You can have a live answer service in Australia for a fraction of the cost AND be able to terminate the service/cost at the drop of a hat, WITHOUT repercussions of legal systems and incorrect terminations!

Companies like Ozetel, provide virtual office packages for as little as $32 a month, including 20 calls per month so you can have someone answer the calls while you are out on the road drumming up new business and expanding your empire. The services can be set up as either;

– A standard answering service whereby a call centre agent will answer in your business name, prompt for name and contact number, take any further message details left by the caller and then email/SMS all the information to your points of contacts, OR

– An advanced answering service to gather more complex information or to direct messages to a particular department. You can even have a search by label (eg postcode or suburb or name of team member), that will allow multi levels of complex message taking and call flow.

The standard live answer services are charged by call also which allows you to have a strict budget per call. The advanced answering services are charged by the minute (in one second increments) because they are generally incorporating longer talk times. This allows for efficient costings to be applied.

So as a small business owner, if you are looking to free your time to focus on sales and marketing but simply cannot afford the cost of a staff member or office, the live answering services are a wonderful option that can be activated within minutes and for a very low entry cost.

You concentrate on sales and allow the live receptionist to take your calls for you.

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