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The phone lines will be gone!

The NBN has been a buzz word for quite some time now and most of us are really just coasting along with it, not aware of what the outcomes will be in the next 10 to 15 years.

It has been rolling out for the past 3 to 5 years and is becoming more and more established in many areas around the country – you can have a look at that roll out, seeing how much has been done and how much is happening in the near future. NBN SO FAR.

One of the things we need to take in pretty seriously is that the existing copper phone network WILL be gone. Once the NBN is established in a particular area, the existing copper lines will be taken out. There will be no copper lines and we will have to set up our phones over the NBN at that point. It isn’t the case of choosing not to go with the NBN! No, we will be forced to take up the NBN if we want to maintain a phone line – business and home.

An article written by NBN Co, the company set up by the government to administer the implementation throughout Australia – Did you know that our copper network is being switched off?

It is a positive thing. It is the way we need to go to keep up with the world of telecommunications. If we are to keep up with the world then we need to allow this change and embrace it in my view. This new network will accomodate a quality phone service as well as dramatically enhance our internet speeds and efficiency.

One of the benefits I see is that the monopoly of phone companies in Australia will be greatly lessened. If we want a fixed line currently we really only have 2 solutions- Telstra and Optus. And really we only have one carrier that has the infrastructure, namely Telstra.

With the advent of the NBN, this increases dramatically – there will be a host of companies with wholesale relationships with NBN Co and therefore a host of choices for the consumer when it comes to setting up the phone lines (over the internet or NBN). Competition increases and thus pricing will reduce. It is a great story for the end consumer, both for the price of the service and the enhancement of the service itself.

So mark my word – you will not be able to stay on the fence! The phone lines as you know it WILL be gone and you will have to keep up with the trends. Once the NBN has been established in your neighbourhood, you will need to get on board the train and set up the NBN and the phone lines you require.

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Netgear Modem Router Issues For VoIP

Internet telephony is a must nowadays for small business, especially with the continued rolling out of the NBN. There is so much to look forward to in the future with the speed and precision of the fibre networks of the NBN.

As we continue to activate VoIP based phone systems, currently still over ADLS2+ connections, we notice that there are things to consider with the hardware that we are placing these phone systems on. Ozetel, my company that I am very proud of, generally has been using Netgear routers for these internet based phone connections and we have always had great reviews both internally and with our clients.

But it is important to note that developments will always occur both with the networks (like the NBN) and with the hardware we use to run those networks over. Netgear have enhanced the management capabilities of functions like NAT Filtering and UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) which although giving access to additional flexibility for the internet user, are creating issues for the VoIP network phones that sit on the internet. We have encountered that with the DGN2200 recently and have had 2 days of trialing settings and coming up with blanks! While it has been a bit frustrating it is also a good thing for our industry because it means we need to stay on the cutting edge of coding and development to stay in line with the hardware that we rely on.

It has meant enhancement of our VoIP network coding and programming and while that is time consuming it enhances the service to our clients. The other option we have of course is to stick with one type of modem/router that will always be the same when a new phone system is activated. However, the problem there is that companies like Netgear will cease stocking models when new ones are produced so we need to stay up with the game.

This will continue in to the future and forever really as technology winds it’s way through the doors of time. Consider the NBN, a fibre optic network that will require new hardware to cope with the incredible enhancements we are about to see. Again, we will need to evolve the VoIP networks to ensure quality supply of telephony services over the net and I am sure that leading companies like Netgear will work with us to do so.

I still very much recommend Netgear and the products they produce even with the extra brain power they require of me!

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