What happens when you do actually find yourself?

It’s that old adage, “what is the dog really expecting he is going to do when he catches that car wheel he is chasing?”

Bite it? Grab it and pick the this big metal animal up and shake it? Make it submit to him?

The truth is this canine friend of ours is actually not educated as to the reality of what it is he is chasing right? If he was actually kicked out of the illusion he would have a very quick and powerful realisation that that big metal animal he is chasing is way way way out of his league! I had this image in my head last night of one day turning the car around and chasing back! I want to see what he is going to do. Is he bluffing? Is it all just a bluff or does this beast actually think it can take on 5 tonnes of killing machine?

OK, yep so I have wondered down this tangent long enough, you are right. What’s my point?

Well, the common denominator when it comes to us and our search “for the self”, is the illusion. The thought that we are chasing after something that looks different to what the reality around it actually is. And we believe it! Like Fido. I need to be something else, or something is missing so I need to chase after what it is that will answer my question and give me peace, give me a “filled” sense of life. What are we chasing, what does searching for myself really mean? What do we do when we find us? Or a bigger question, if we don’t what we are looking for, how will we know when we find us?

It is a pondering time and I am beginning to think that doing something is far better then sitting stagnant. Answers come when we move in my latest experience. I haven’t always been a person who followed that rule because up til now many of my answers have actually come through waiting. But waiting has to have an end point and then “doing” is the next option. Even if we don’t know what or why it is we are “doing”, when waiting has failed, do something!

So, like the canine version of the chaser, I keep chasing after something. I keep trying to find the me that I think I need to catch.

AND, my answer to the question is, when I do catch, (me…), I will grab it with my teeth and shake it, make it submit and then get all the answers I seek, decommission him and take his existence.

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